Chilling Online Advertisement From a Prospective ‘Sugar Daddy’!

Have you ever venture into the world of Craiglist dating? It is where you find the most unique and imaginative characters who can offer you the world like old trailers and beef jerky. We recent ran across an ad from a ‘sugar daddy’ looking for female companionship for his Coachella adventures. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so don’t pass it up ladies!


Ten Tips to Save Money to Travel Later In Life!

Everyone wants to travel but not everyone can afford it. Most of us can't afford it not because we don't make enough money but we don't know how to save money. Here are some easy ways to save money for you to travel now or later in life! I have implemented all these tips in my life and I am able to travel anytime I want!


10 Spring Break destinations for some fun!

It's that time of year again where school is out but you don't have to go home because the break isn't long enough! Spring Break is around the corner but do you know where you will be partying? Don't have any plans for Spring Break? Check out one of these 10 destinations for some fun!


Top 20 Fastest Cars in the World!

Every morning I drive to work, I make revving engine noises for my Prius and pretend it is the fastest car in the world. When I am unable to cutoff an 18 wheeler, I dropped back down to earth and wished that I was driving one of these cars. Here is the top 20 fastest car in the world if you were dreaming like me!


20 of the Most Expensive Places to Live in America

Have you ever wondered to yourself: ' is expensive to live here!'? Well, you may be living in one of 20 most expensive city in America. Check out these 20 cities where gas isn't the only thing is high.


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