10 Easy Steps to Help With Insomnia

Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Do you wake up too early in the morning? How about waking up too often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep? Feeling tired upon waking? These are all signs of insomnia. Here are 10 easy steps to help you get a better night sleep.

Chilling Online Advertisement From a Prospective ‘Sugar Daddy’!

Have you ever venture into the world of Craiglist dating? It is where you find the most unique and imaginative characters who can offer you the world like old trailers and beef jerky. We recent ran across an ad from a ‘sugar daddy’ looking for female companionship for his Coachella adventures. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so don’t pass it up ladies!

Top 10 Most Hated President of the United States Ever!

With Inauguration Day upon us, the next four years America will be served by a President beloved by many but hated by even more. Will he use this next four years to earn the love and respect of the people or will the hatred grow to make him the most hated president of the United States of America ever? Here are a few American Presidents that have gone down in history as the most hated of all time.

Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Female Superheroes Ever!

Here at Buzwuz, we have compiled a list of the hottest female superheroes. This list does not take into account acting abilities or quality of the film. This is purely base on looks and looks alone. Tell us what you think. Did we miss anyone you think should be in the top 10? Let us know on the comments below! This list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

10 Cars and What They Say About You!

A person's choice of automobile often says a lot about his or her personality. Ask any person why did he buy a certain car and he will give you a logical and rational explanation such as i loved its specifications or i like the brand, now ask the same person the same question in a place where nobody can see him and he will give you a completely different answer (or the real reason that made him buy the car). We have complied a list of stereotypes and stygma of 10 popular cars. Do any of these ring true to you and did we miss any?

15 Top Places To Catch Pokémon

Pokémon GO is take the nation by storm has become America’s #1 loss weight program! It is sending gamers on long arduous missions to try to catch their favorite Pokémon. Gamers are traveling by air, on wheels, on foot and any other means necessary on their quest to catch ‘em all! Pokémon GO forces players to travel far and wide to new destinations to catch new and rare Pokémon. To help you become a Pokémon master, here are 15 locations that guarantee you great Pokémon. Comment below on what type of Pokémon you were able to find at these locations.

10 Signs That A Massage Parlor Is A Front For Funny Business

Finding a legitimate massage therapist is an increasingly difficult proposition, with the proliferation of bogus massage parlors acting as fronts for funny business In fact, the label 'massage parlor' itself has become synonymous in many people's minds for 'brothel,'And no area seems immune to the phenomenon: there currently more than 10,000 massage parlors listed in all 50 states, plus Washington DC, Canada and Guam. Here are 10 sure signs that a massage parlor is not legitimate.

The 16 Richest NBA Players & the Women Behind Them!

It’s fair to say that these past and present NBA legends have done all right for themselves in the amassing-a-fortune stakes. And while each is blessed with world-class basketball ability and a healthy dose of business acumen, they all have something else in common too: the backing of an exceptional woman. Read on to discover more about the women behind the scenes.

17 Actors Who Disappeared from Hollywood Without a Trace!

Hollywood is a glamourous miracle performer that can turn anyone into a sensation overnight but it is also a scary, unforgiving and unsympathetic place that can take all of it away just as quick. This proves to be too much for some actors who decided to leave in silence. Who are they? Read on to find out.

10 Hilarious New Year's Resolutions to Start Your Year Off Right

It's the New Year so it's time to make that New Year's Resolution you're not going to keep. If you have a hard time with keeping up with your resolutions, make it something funny and easy so you will enjoy doing it. Here are 10 New Year's resolutions from real people that will have you rolling on the floor!

5 Reasons Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the Best in the Trilogy

Star Wars The Force Awakens is the #1 film of all time in North America! It has shattered any box office record that stood in its way to the top. It will eventually be the #1 movie of all time in the world. Why is this movie doing so well? 1, it is because it is Star Wars!! 2, because it is so much better than the previous episodes of Star Wars! Here are 5 reasons why this film is better than all of its predecessors.

10 of the Shortest Actor Who Made It Big!

Hollywood tends to favor the tall and the beautiful but these men overcome their shortcomings and made it big! These men not only beat the odds but they also got even! They are truly role models for all those who feel inadequate about their appearance!

10 of the Tallest Female Celebrities to Ever Walk the Red Carpet!

How tall is too tall for a girl? There is no such thing! These girls loom over there male counterparts but they are still gorgeous and sexy!

10 Super Foods You Must Add to Your Smoothies!

You want to start a juice cleanse or just want to start eating healthy but don't know where to start? Well, here are 10 super foods that will get you starting eating healthy and feeling good in no time!

The 10 Funniest Celebrities GIFs on the Internet!

Sometimes life gets you a little down and you need a little something to pick you up. I usually turn to the internet for some funny gifs or meme! I hope these Gifs make your day. It sure brightened up mine!

10 Unbelievably Hilarious Photos Where Alcohol Is Involved!

Alcohol when consumed in moderation can be fun for yourself. Alcohol when consumed in excess can be fun for others! The latter is the case for these hilarious photos! Use these as cautionary tales before you decide to go on a binge drinking escapade!

Top 10 Best Workouts of All Time

Are you feeling fat, lethargic and unhappy all time? Maybe it is time to start excercising to improve your physical and mental health. Here are the top 10 best workouts of all time. Get out there and start feeling better about yourself!

Ten Tips to Save Money to Travel Later In Life!

Everyone wants to travel but not everyone can afford it. Most of us can't afford it not because we don't make enough money but we don't know how to save money. Here are some easy ways to save money for you to travel now or later in life! I have implemented all these tips in my life and I am able to travel anytime I want!

10 Spring Break destinations for some fun!

It's that time of year again where school is out but you don't have to go home because the break isn't long enough! Spring Break is around the corner but do you know where you will be partying? Don't have any plans for Spring Break? Check out one of these 10 destinations for some fun!

Top 20 Fastest Cars in the World!

Every morning I drive to work, I make revving engine noises for my Prius and pretend it is the fastest car in the world. When I am unable to cutoff an 18 wheeler, I dropped back down to earth and wished that I was driving one of these cars. Here is the top 20 fastest car in the world if you were dreaming like me!

10 Jobs that make 6 Figures and Require Little Schooling

Ever dream of making a lot money but don't want to go to school for a long time? If you have the talent, one of these jobs is for you! These jobs all command 6 figures and have potential for much greater rewards. Take a long look at this list and make your decision wisely!

20 of the Most Expensive Places to Live in America

Have you ever wondered to yourself: 'Man...it is expensive to live here!'? Well, you may be living in one of 20 most expensive city in America. Check out these 20 cities where gas isn't the only thing is high.

Top 10 Most Gorgeous Asian Female Celebrities

As an Asian American, I like to follow Asian American in the entertainment industry, but there are very few of the industry and there are even less female asian celebrities. It took some effort but I was able to compile a list of my top 10 hottest Asian female celebrities in Hollywood that I think you should follow. They are in no particular order but can you guess who is my favorite? Please go through them and let me know what you think in the comments below!

New and easy way to lose weight.. with rice!

Rice is a staple for nearly half of the world’s seven billion people….more than 90% of this rice is consumed where it is a staple for a majority of the population, in Asia.” http://irri.org/rice-today/trends-in-global-rice-consumption

Obamacare: Republicans proven right...or wrong?

With it’s inception in October of 2013, Obamacare faced much opposition. Not surprisingly, a lot of the criticism came from republicans. Almost two years later, let’s check out some of the statistics and facts.

10 things you should know before you get new glasses

Purchasing new glasses can be a daunting task. One part is choosing a frame that suits your needs and tastes. After choosing your frames, there lies choices that may be harder to choose from then frame selection. With the multitude of lense materials and options it can be very confusing. Let’s break them down.